Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization




Modern living and life style choices mean that a very significant proportion of society now suffer daily with postural imbalances, dysfunction and pain. DNS is a technique based upon neurodevelopmental and rehabilitation principles and was developed by Pavel Kolar, a Czech Physiotherapist. It is designed to restore and stabilise the functional locomotion patterns that are established during the first few years of our life. The DNS technique is the re-training of these inherent patterns of movement, restoring function and improving movement and stability.



DNS is taught on the mat. Initially there may be some testing using the breathing technique and or some of the movements, to establish which patterns of functional locomotion might need addressing for the individual. Then during their sessions the client/patient will be carefully guided through the DNS movements that are deemed appropriate.  Resistant may be added to further challenge and restore the functional locomotion patterns. Having taught using the DNS technique for several years, Daniel and Bethia find it a highly successful tool, along side Osteopathy and Pilates, in counteracting todays physical demands.  It is an effective pathway to improving physical ability in other fields of fitness and is an appropriate technique for use with neurological conditions that result in physical impairments.