How do I contact to book an appointment / session?

Practitioners at Dynamic Osteopathy Cambridge schedule their own bookings. Please see contact details on the ‘Practitioners’ page for direct links to their contact details or booking platforms.

I need to cancel my appointment, how do I do this? 

Please be aware that all practitioners require a full 24 hours notice of cancellation. Session fees are charged if there is a failure to provide this notice. Please cancel or change all bookings directly with the practitioner/teacher that you are booked with or through their booking platform.


What clothing should I wear?

For an Osteopathic appointment be prepared to dress down to under garments for assessment and treatment. This attire is to allow the practitioner to assess and treat you accurately and for your own comfort.


For Pilates any comfortable sports/fitness clothing is appropriate, ideally no bulky waistbands, zips or pockets that might make lying on the floor or equipment uncomfortable. Pilates is generally taught bare foot however socks, ideally with grip, can be worn too.

How much does an appointment/session cost?

Each practitioner at Dynamic Osteopathy Cambridge runs their own business and so their own pricing policy. However, average costs, as a guide are as follows:

Osteopathic Consultations - Between £45-50

Pilates 1:1 session £50-£55 & Pilates 1:2 Session £50-65

How long is an appointment?

Osteopathic treatment times may vary depending on the practitioner and the specific requirements of the patient. Please discuss this with your practitioner.

Pilates Studio sessions are scheduled hourly and will last approximately 55 minutes. Longer sessions may be available upon request.