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"I have been seeing Daniel and Bethia for several years now: they first introduced me to the DNS technique. Of all the various movement practices I’ve tried DNS has been the most instrumental in improving my everyday movement patterns and helping with general hypermobility and related joint pain."

DNSDaniel Rollins

"During my first visit to Bethia, I was introduced to a series of movements from the DNS technique. I have seen Physios, Osteopaths, used Pilates, yoga and swimming to try to re-balance and stabilise as I suffer with a lower back pathology.  Bethia immediately helped me reconnect the right side of my body into the whole of my system. A sense of relief, both mentally and physically, washed over my whole body.  Needless to say, I continue to see Bethia for private sessions.  She is a phenomenal teacher and I am thrilled that she was able to share the DNS technique with me!"

DNSDaniel Rollins